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    The Pleasure Craft Operator Card

    boat operators card canada

    The boating license is obtained after having completed an approved boat operator course and receiving a score of at least 75% on a Transport Canada approved boat operator license exam. Experienced boaters have the option of taking our approved test without completing a course. Your Operator License needs to only be obtained once and is valid for life.

    Those who successfully pass a Transport Canada approved Boating Safety course and boat operator exam will obtain the Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

    Boating license information

    Attention Ontario Boaters!

    Through our partnership with BoaterExam.com, we now offer classroom courses for Boating Licenses in Ontario throughout the province!

    About AAA Boating Safety Standards

    AAA Boating was founded in 2001 in Grand Bend, ON with the goal of teaching Canadians about boating safety and helping them to meet new mandatory education standards initially introduced by the Canadian Coast Guard. AAA Boating was previously approved by the Canadian Coast Guard and then Transport Canada to teach Boating Safety Courses and issue the Pleasure Craft Operator Card. We now work in association with BoaterExam.com (a Transport Canada approved course provider) to continue to teach boating safety to all Canadians.

    About BoaterExam.com

    BoaterExam.com? is approved by Transport Canada to provide boating safety courses and exams, and to issue the Pleasure Craft Operator Card in both official languages to recreational boaters in Canada. BoaterExam.com? has been educating boaters for over 10 years and is the largest issuer of Pleasure Craft Operator Cards (PCOC) in the country with over 1 million boaters certified.

    Our Boating Safety Instructors

    Online Course

    Take your exam online and get your Pleasure Craft Operator Card!

    Classroom Courses

    To obtain your boating license in a classroom setting, please select your province below:

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    Canadian Safe Boating Council

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